The Flock Program Benefits

Updated: 7/23/2023

Discount Code

Every Flock member gets a personalized discount code and creator panel which will give the referring customer a discount at checkout and earns you a commission on every sale.  This discount is good for any of our PCs.

A Shining Light

We have a page on our website dedicated to The Flock where we will promote you as well to help anyone working with us step into the spotlight.  If you happen to stream on Twitch, we will follow you and try our best to raid you if you are live when we end our stream for the day.

If you'd like to join our Discord server, we'll give you a special role to show you're a part of The Flock and give you access to a section of the server only accessible to The Flock. Additionally, this role will grant you a special “Live” role automatically whenever your stream goes live as long as your platform is linked to your Discord and you will also get a live notification shoutout from our Discord bot!

Performance Incentives

We want to show our appreciation to creators that avidly promote us.  We've set up multiple milestones and rewards within the program to give back to the creators and their communities who spread the word.  More information on these specific rewards will be provided via email during the application process.

Helping Hand

Being a member of the Discord grants you access to chat about tech or get help with computer issues, even if we didn’t build your computer.  Anyone can ask questions in our Discord as we have many knowledgeable staff and members of our community who might be able to help with your issue or even just give some PC related advice.