Will you be streaming?

Yes, we've been streaming from the very first day. When you order a computer from us we will let you know when your computer is being built live on stream and you can watch us build it!

How long will it take you to build my computer?

We will have the most up to date lead time on our product pages. Please go to the product page of the product you ordered or want to order and check near the top of the page.

Do you sell internationally?

No, at the moment we do not sell/ship internationally. Just to start out we are only selling to the United States. We do however want to sell internationally as soon as that is possible for us to do.

Can I upgrade my computer in the future?

It depends on what you mean. You can upgrade your computer yourself but make sure to check our warranty policy for details on how that may affect your warranty. We will not accept sending your computer back for us to upgrade it for you. Since we cannot guarantee the condition of the computer, we don’t feel comfortable offering this.

What kind of maintenance does my computer need? What about liquid coolers?

All computers with fans in them need regular cleaning to prevent dust from building up. Clean your computer at least every 6 months, but every 3 months is recommended. Be familiar with how to open up your computer and using some sort of electronics compressed gas duster should be sufficient. If dust has really built up and is caked on, a vacuum or hand cleaning may be necessary. Also make sure to clean dust filters. You can use some sort of fine brush like a paint brush to clean these, or wash them with water and make sure they are dry before putting them back in the computer. Computers with liquid coolers do not need any additional or special maintenance. The liquid coolers we use are called All in One (AIO), or Closed Loop Coolers (CLC) and are completely self contained. Making sure dust does not build up on dust filters or in the radiator is sufficient maintenance.

Can I buy a certain part from you?

We sell fully built computers, we will not sell individual parts.

How do you make money?

We want to be as transparent as possible with our customers. We get our parts from distributors with distributor and bulk pricing which usually means that what we pay per part would be less than what you would see retail. The difference between the price of the computer and what we pay in parts goes towards cost of labor, continuing operations, and our warranty. We strive to offer competitive pricing so you can get great performance for a good price.

It’s almost unavoidable that if a single person bought retail parts and built their computer themselves it would be cheaper. We don’t consider this a bad thing or disagree with that. We do believe that we can provide a product that makes the experience worth it though. Not everybody can build their own computer and you’re not just paying for the computer, you’re paying for our expertise. You’re paying for our part selection that results in a price and performance focused machine. You’re paying to have your computer built by a team that has built hundreds if not thousands of computers. You’re paying for the experience of watching your build live and getting a chance to talk and put a face to your builder. You’re paying for our warranty where we have dedicated professionals that will do their best to help you with any issues you may have. You’re paying for us to correct any issues you have with your system for no extra cost to you.

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