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Built By Professionals

Each member of our build team has built hundreds of computers for customers before Phynix. They didn’t just slap the parts together either, each computer was built with usability and cable management in mind. Not to mention each builder is an enthusiast themselves and have done plenty of other computer builds in their personal lives. Rest easy knowing your builder is just as excited about you receiving your order as you are.

Watch Your Order Being Built

We stream every order live. You place your order then we will send you emails letting you know when your computer will be built, and finally right when your order is going live we will let you know so you can watch your order and chat with the builder if you wish. You can have a say in your build by letting your builder know what you want.

Plug and Play

All of our builds get the operating system, drivers, and software loaded onto them right after being built. Then they are quality assurance tested for at least 24 hours. So all you will need to do is unbox your computer and plug it in to get it running. Of course we only install the bare minimum for you to control your computer and any RGB lighting your computer may have so you will need to download your games yourself.

Employee Owned and Operated

To us, being employee owned means a lot. We aren’t just chasing a paycheck, we want to follow our passion and have jobs that we love. It also means that making the customer happy is success for us. Plus, when you buy from us, you’re supporting everyday people and families as opposed to padding already full pockets.

How Our Process Works

We want you to have confidence that we can and will handle your order professionally and efficiently. So here’s a quick run down of how your order goes from an invoice, to on your door step.


To start off any build, you have to start out with obtaining and receiving parts. We take care of that so our process starts with picking out the parts for your order and getting it ready to be built the next day.


Once our builders are ready to build your order, we email you that your build is about to happen. On stream, our builders then unbox each of your parts and get everything ready. After that, they build your order. Once they’re done, they send it on to the next step.

Quality Assurance

Now that the computer is built, it needs the operating system, drivers, and software. Someone dedicated to initializing your system does all this and gets your system ready to go. To finish off this step, they start stress tests. As long as it passes these stress tests without any problems, it just needs to be finalized. In the finalization steps, the computer is checked to make sure that it meets our standards and we didn’t miss anything. After this check is complete, it’s ready to be packaged.


Our team will open up your computer and inspect it as yet another quality assurance step. As long as we don’t see anything, we fill the computer with foam to protect it during shipping. We put the protected computer back in its box and seal it up. Finally, we put the computer box, along with all the boxes for any parts that came in boxes, in the shipping box. Once everything is packed up along with any necessary packing materials, it’s ready to send out to you.

Fixes and Returns

We aren’t immune to dead on arrival parts. It’s inevitable that something goes wrong on at least one computer. So if in any step of the process something goes wrong, it gets sent over to our repair station. Our repair specialist will troubleshoot and fix the issues. It will then repeat the quality assurance step to make sure that the problem has been fixed. After that it finishes off the process the same as any other computer.

That’s not the end though. If you ever have any problems with your computer then get in touch with our customer service representatives. If they can’t talk you through fixing your computer, then send it back to us and our repair specialist will fix it for you.

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